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Eye contour kit

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Ideal kit for the eye contour consisting of Eyes and Foxy Eyes


Eye contour cream for wrinkles, bags and dark circles

Fluid texture to facilitate the smoothness of the massage on the thinnest and most delicate area of ​​the face.

Chamomile: Has a soothing and relaxing action.

Centella Asiatica: Promotes blood circulation.

Horse chestnut, Elastin, Butcher's Broom and Escin: To stimulate microcirculation, lighten and hydrate the area around the eyes.

Foxy Eyes 

Eye contour mask with a brightening, decongestant and relaxing action

Gel texture with a fresh effect to amplify the action of the active ingredients

N.B. The product may cause possible redness or a slight burning sensation as the product intensely stimulates the microcirculation in the area where it is applied.

Eye contour kit
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