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Aim Care is a project that wants to speak to every person involving her in a world of well-being, moving away from the beauty stereotypes promoted for decades in this sector.

"No one is perfect, fortunately, but we can all be the best version of ourselves."


Each product contains all the experience of our specialists, the same ones who have been running cosmetic laboratories for leading companies in the aesthetics and aesthetic medicine sector for over 20 years. The scientific skills of the laboratories are combined with Martina's experience as an image consultant who has learned to understand the true needs of women, their expectations from the products they choose and the results they want to achieve for their appearance.


Each package sent represents the work of Martina, Chiara, Brunella, Fabrizio, Adrian and Renato who contribute, each in their own way, to making real what was previously just the dream of a little girl.

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Via Modigliani 3, Pozzuoli 80078

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Maria Beauty Lab

Via Baldacchini 100, Amantea

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La Bioprofumeria

Via Risorgimento 4 g, Modica

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