Price List Image Consulting

In 2020 I qualified as a certified image consultant in Armocromia, Face and Body Shape Analysis and Beauty Coach.

I offer people who want to undertake these paths in person different services, tailored to their needs.

Each path includes an initial consultation in person, in my private studio in Agnano (NA).

After the analysis phase of personal characteristics, a diary in pdf is released (within 7 working days) which includes a description of one's characteristics, inspo outfit, possibly the palette and personalized suggestions to be put into practice to become the best version of oneself. .

Each customer is honored with the Glow Up Box.

The Glow Up Box contains a lipstick (in palette or not), a mask for the Beauty Routine and several samples to start a life as an Aim Lover.

The Price List

  • Armocromia 120 €

    • Body shapes € 90

      • Face shapes € 90

        • Glow Up € 150

          • Remote tutoring on Whatsapp 30 € / month

            Group Paths Offers

            • 2 People -20% discount

              • 3 People -25% discount

                • 4 People -30% discount

                For any travel, the minimum number of people is 4 / day

                + transport costs

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