How many times have you seen an apparently “beautiful” dress on a mannequin but once you tried it were you disappointed with the result? How many times have you seen a friend shine in an outfit and while replicating the same style you seemed dull and washed out? Nothing happens by chance! It probably means that you were not in #palette, that is, the colors you chose were not harmonious with the temperature of your skin, the color of the eyes or hair. What is Armocromia? “Armocromia” is a term very popular in this period but not everyone knows that this science has its roots in the 70s. It establishes which are the groups of colors, the so-called “palettes”, more harmonious for each person. Image consultants make use of this technique both for make-up and hair and for outfits. In this way, the subjects are enhanced to their full potential. The parameters for categorizing the subjects are three: Undertone, Value, Intensity. Based on each variable, people can be divided into four categories, conventionally called: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Since it is unlikely to imagine that people’s characters can be divided into only four categories, each season can be divided into three further sub-categories. The division is established on the basis of which parameters are predominant over others. To find out more, I recommend reading the article by Rossella Migliaccio, author of the book “Armocromia”. After a series of researches, comparisons and analyzes I finally understood which Category I belong to … I am definitely a SUMMER SOFT! This means that my palette includes unsaturated colors and that I have to prefer pastel. Black is absolutely forbidden !! (I have to free half the wardrobe). A celebrity who belongs to my own category is Jennifer Aniston. You notice the similarity, don’t you? And which category do you belong to?